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Why 3M

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The 3M Window Tint Difference

The 3M Brand

3M makes over 50,000 different products. The average consumer has 300 3M products in his/her home.

The Original

Based upon several 3M core technologies, the 3M Company invented window film in 1966 and holds the original patent.

Method of Manufacture

3M is the only professional window tinting company to manufacture its window films from start to finish, including polyesters, adhesives, and protective coatings.

Protective Overcoat

The 3M window film adhesive is protected until the film is applied to the window for a crisp, distortion-free, and clean appearance.

The Polyester

Because they are the only professional commercial and residential window tinting manufacturer to produce their own polyester, including microlayer and color-stable technology films, 3M is able to offer some of the best products on the market!

The Quality

3M has achieved the highest possible quality rating of manufacture: ISO 9002:1994.


3M window films are maintenance-free. You can even clean them with ammonia-based products.


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